The New Urbanist
Camana Bay. Cayman Islands. 

In their headlong search for modernity through mobility, American urbanites made a decision to destroy the living environments of nineteenth-century neighborhoods by converting their gathering places into traffic jams, their playgrounds into motorways, and their shopping places into elongated parking lots. These paving decisions effectively made obsolete many of urban America’s older neighborhoods.
- Mcshane, C. (1979). Transforming the Use of Urban Space – Look at the Revolution in Street Pavements, 1880-1924. Journal of Urban History, 5(3), 279-307. (p.300)

The West Village. Urbanism done correctly.
Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome by Michelangelo 
Renaissance humanist urbanism at its best. 
Town Hall at Windsor, Florida by Leon Krier
Andres Duany
“Five plus four and a door: The simplicity of a traditional facade acknowledges the presence of a larger community. Variety occurs not within the single house but among many.” - Suburban Nation 
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